Girls Varsity Volleyball · Davin Testerman Selected to Lead Franklin Central Varsity Volleyball



Franklin Central is proud to announce the hiring of Davin Testerman as the varsity volleyball head coach. Testerman is currently a FACS teacher at Franklin Central.


Why do you coach?

It’s a unique opportunity to share what you love in the classroom and what you love on the court. Developing a well-rounded student athlete is a dynamic process with multiple moving pieces; I am proud to share what I love in a couple of those moving pieces for the Franklin Central Community.

Who has inspired you to become a coach or who has been a mentor for you? 

My middle name is connected to my Great Uncle Alan who loved the sport of volleyball. He would let me run around the yard while our family played as a kid. The world lost him, a great man, when I was 7 and that connection to my sport through my namesake grew stronger. Dr. Don Shondell facilitated my Teaching and Coaching Volleyball class in undergrad. He is a true inspiration and wealth of knowledge in the world of volleyball. His connections reach throughout the world in his mentorship of athletes and coaches.

Where did you grow up? What sports did you play growing up? 

I grew up in Gas City, IN, a short drive to the volleyball capital of the Midwest, Muncie, IN.

What is the most important trait an athlete at Franklin Central should posses? 

Strength in character, academics, and an eagerness to learn.

What has been your most memorable experience as a Flash?

Just today, a student said, “Mr. T, I just read your email, you are the best teacher ever!” She reminded me that how we, as educators, support our students is just as important as what we teach them. This, to me, is the clearest objective of them all; students will feel supported and valued as a result of my presence in this profession.

What should your athletes expect to learn from you for their journey after Franklin Central?

I want student athletes to see that we can turn any negative into a positive, any weakness into a strength; recognizing growth opportunities through our mistakes is no mistake at all.