Flashes News · Athletic Trainer Article of the Month – February

Each month, our Athletic Trainers will be sharing an article or two on injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, or other important topics geared toward the parent and student-athlete. This month features an article on ‘overuse’ injuries in young athletes.


What Exactly are ‘Overuse’ Injuries? Inside the Epidemic Sidelining Youth Athletes – Brandon Hall, CSCS

“When you only play one sport and engage in few other physical activities, you’re bound to repeat many of the same motions over and over again. Maybe it’s jumping up for a rebound. Maybe it’s throwing a fastball. Maybe it’s racing up and down the field in soccer. But eventually, all that repetition can take a toll. And when your body isn’t strong enough to handle it—a fact which often ties into the poor posture many modern humans have due to our technology addiction—something’s gotta give.”

Full article found here: https://www.stack.com/a/what-exactly-are-overuse-injuries-inside-the-epidemic-sidelining-youth-athletes